Because there are no guarantees
and what would be the fun in life if there were

Because I can love you and hate you
then love you again
all in the same moment

Because the
of two becoming one
isn’t pretty
the progress is

© LaRonda Moore


He gave her time and space.


Awkwardly balancing her purse, work tote, lunch, and cellphone, Melissa quickly hurries to the platform with childlike excitement.  Today, is her first day at a new job and she wants to arrive early, to get a feel for the office and setup her desk.  As the train pulls in, she sees him approach from the left, cross in front of her, turn and look at her, then disappear into the crowd.

© LaRonda Moore

Inspired by 3 Line Tales, Week 90.
Photo by Andre Benz via Unsplash.



“Today, I’ll be the bigger person.”

Inspired by The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt:  Ascend.

Notice Nature

The day before yesterday

I caught a glimpse of a cardinal starring at me

And once our eyes met

he fly away.

And when he was gone

I was sad.

That next day

I returned to my kitchen window

Eager to see him again

But he wasn’t there

And I felt let down.


Without expectation

I walked outside

And atop my neighbors tree

There was he.

I was scared to move a move

he wasn’t.

He flew towards me.

So close that he teased me

Then he elevated over me

Forcing my chin up

And revealing my path to you.

© LaRonda Moore


My best me will learn to slow down and enjoy the ride.

Tree-of-life-springThe everyday hustle and bustle of life can keep you humping from the second you wake up, to the moment you climb back into bed at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, for most of us, the bulk of that time is often spent completing the mundane tasks that govern our lives.

How often do we really make the most of the 37,843,200 minutes we get?

Let’s Start today.


Haiku 19

A soft breeze passes,
your whisper becomes a roar,
my beam of light shines.

© LaRonda Moore

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© LaRonda Moore


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