Morning Musing 2.19.18

I'm not sure what is happening in our society right now, but it is exhausting that everything has become a point of racial tension, be it a reality show competition, sports game, movie debut, or even the words of the Commander and Chief.  It's dishardening to know that as we celebrate the 92nd Black History …

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But what about the days when you can't muster up the energy to smile? What about the times when no amount of well wishes will do? What do you do when you're standing on land but it feels like your drowning? You do the only thing you can, believe. © LaRonda Moore

Remember When

Funny thing about souvenirs, in an instance, they can transport you to another time and place.  Jennifer has hers proudly displayed in her great grandmother's antique curio.  She loves the sentimental value that housing such an important family heirloom brings as equally as she loves the keepsakes that she has filled it with. Walking over …

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