He Listens (Chapter 1)

SERIES SUMMARY:  Kayla is on a quest to move beyond the hurt of her past as she realizes the impact that hurt has on her present and potential future. This is a modern tale of love that accounts the complexities of blending the lives of two thirty-somethings and all of their respective baggage.   Read to see if Kayla will finally share her secret, embrace something new, and most importantly exercise her faith.

The congestion of Jefferson Avenue has put a total damper on her commute home.  And although it is the end of yet another work week, she isn’t accompanying her coworkers to the lounge, nah – happy hour isn’t her thing.  Nor is she anxiously awaiting the arrival of her significant other, because despite her Mother’s fears and Grandmother’s disapproval, Kayla is thirty-something, single, and truly okay with it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, everyone wants someone to share their life with, or at least a warm body in their bed, but the men she meets are typical.  They are either too thugged out or too uptight.  She often finds herself wondering, “Where is the in-between man, for the women who has grown out of her bad boy phase?”  You know the man who has both a little edge and a legal paying job.  If he does exist, she hasn’t met him yet.

So for now, Kayla is single but that status doesn’t make her stationary.  She travels a lot for work, will drive to Chicago on a dime for that Magnificent Mile, attends every noteworthy concert on the scene, and hasn’t eaten a meal at home since she moved in.  As she walks down the narrow hallway to her place, balancing an over-sized Louis Vuitton, the remains of her takeout lunch, a tablet, and her mail, the realization that her house is not a home becomes very clear with every scream from the feuding two in B3, and the not so appetizing ethnic aroma lingering under the door of B4.  Her house is an overpriced, two-bedroom loft nestled in the heart of the Motor City, which Kayla proudly calls “Little Africa”.  She feels justified in coining this nickname because she is one of D Town’s finest.  And while most people of her grooming have long fled to the comforts of suburbia, Kayla vows to never leave.

See, Detroit, affectionately referred to as “The D” by the natives, is a peculiar place to live.  Because while it has a rich history and a beautiful landscape, it is best known for violence, a neglected exterior, poor public education, and a corrupt administration.  Yet and still, the heart of this city beats strong.  Most know it as the birthplace of the automobile and therefore the home of the Big Three.  And everyone knows how it revolutionized the music industry with countless legendary artists.  However, if you’ve never been, then you’ll never know about the mansions in Indian Village, or the Island that sits in between two nations, or the world-class museum district.  See, Detroit has jewels but they can’t shine.  Instead bad press consumes it with isolated incidents of ignorance.  Thus it stands in its own darkness, in the shadow of its heyday, waiting, contemplating, a change and rebirth that is long overdue.  Kayla believes in this city and because she does, she stays.  Yeah, Detroit is home.

To be continued…

© LaRonda Moore

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5 Replies to “He Listens (Chapter 1)”

  1. “..which Kayla proudly calls “Little Africa”. She feels justified in coining this nickname because she is one of D Town’s finest. ” Have I mentioned I love her sassiness? 😀

    And yes. That is a great description of Detroit. It feels genuine, like it’s coming from someone who knows it because they live there. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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