He Listens (Chapter 3)

SERIES SUMMARY:  Kayla is on a quest to move beyond the hurt of her past as she realizes the impact that hurt has on her present and potential future. This is a modern tale of love that accounts the complexities of blending the lives of two thirty-somethings and all of their respective baggage.   Read to see if Kayla will finally share her secret, embrace something new, and most importantly exercise her faith.

..Continued – 

Kayla met Andre at the beginning of her junior year in undergrad.  She had seen him around campus before but never really paid him that much attention until they spent three hours together at a Gear Up rally to raise funds for school supplies for the local inner city youth.  They fell fast and hard.  Some say he is the one she let slip away, the one that she still longs for today.  As love would have it, at the end of that following year, Andre received a graduate apprenticeship to a prestigious Art Institute on the East Coast.  Art was his dream, his passion, and Kayla was his muse.  When he asked her what he should do, she told him to go.  She would never forgive herself if she were the reason for his dream deferred.  So after a summer of picnics at Belle Isle, long days at Cedar Point, Fourth of July in Hart Plaza, and family barbeques up the wazoo, Andre kissed Kayla good-bye.  She never even told him that she was six weeks pregnant when he left.  She found out the week before.  He doesn’t even know that she cried for two months straight after returning from the hospital.  He doesn’t know and Kayla can’t forget.

When he first left, they talked three times a day.  He was so excited about his new surroundings and she was so careful to keep her secret.  Several times, she almost told, but each time she was interrupted by a mental reminder of the potential that this opportunity held.  As the first semester came to an end, the phone calls became less frequent until a solid week had passed without contact.  It was during this time in which Kayla needed him the most.  This is when she would have told.  She called him several times, and several times she got his voicemail.  Eventually he returned her calls, apologizing and blaming it on the craziness of his new schedule.  She forgives him and he vowed to never let it happen again.  They begun to speak daily and planned for him to come home for a week at the end of the semester.  But by the time he made it home, it was too late.  And although it was only four months, it felt like four years.  He was different, they were different, and she was never the same.

Yes, when they first saw each other, they embraced for what seemed like forever and of course they didn’t get much sleep that night, but it was the moments in between those that made it obvious that Andre had moved on in life and with a heavy heart, Kayla tried to convince herself that she had to as well.

It’s funny how the pursuit of one passion can kill the desire of another.

To be continued…

© LaRonda Moore

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