First Hour

“Do you have your book bag, homework, lunch…what about your keys?” Sean has heard this series of questions so often that he just nods at the appropriate time while focusing his total attention on his latest daydream, Lori, the girl that sits in front of him in first hour. She smells like fresh strawberries and vanilla, and she’s even prettier than she smells.

Today, he will hold the paper firm when she passes it to him to and initiate eye contact. Today he will break the ice with a little small talk. Tomorrow, he will make her laugh; by Friday he’ll have her phone number. But Sean won’t stop there, because unlike his slacker, older sister, Shaun is a planner. In five years they will be engaged, they will be married in seven, and welcome their first born in eight. As she approaches her seat, he gets a whiff of a pleasant, familiar smell.

The moment is approaching, Mrs. Baker is about to hand back yesterday’s quiz. The stack of papers moves from the first desk, to the second desk, to hers. She turns around and he holds his breath. “It’s now or never,” he mumbles. “Hey Lori, are you going to the game tonight?”

© LaRonda Moore

[205 wds]

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