Good Morning

“Who in the hell cuts down a tree at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday?”  Dylan cried as he stared at his phone with disgust.  Besides saying goodbye to his friends, and hopping in the car with a perfect stranger, he could vaguely remember the events of last night.

“What was her name?”  He wondered.  “I hope she left her number, she was fun.”

The loud thud from outside however, interrupted that thought and drew him over to the window where his attention was quickly diverted beyond the fallen tree which once provided him shade, to the yellow truck in the parking lot.

“Why does that car look so familiar?” He mumbled himself.

Poor thing.  He was still standing at the window, deep in thought, with his hand on his forehead when he realized that his worst nightmare was coming true.

“Good morning,”  Jennifer whispered with a wink.

© LaRonda Moore

[147 wds]
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Inspired by FFfAW Challenge #98
Photo courtesy of Shivangi Singh

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