Lesson Learned: Success

I’ve learned that success looks like different person to person, that’s why it’s hard to truly measure it.  Not everybody wants a mansion, larger than life bank account, or an ambitious career, and that’s okay.  However, in order to level the playing fields of success, growth should be the determining factor.  Ask yourself, “Am I better now, than I was last year this time?”  If the answer is yes, then that means that in some regards, even if it is only minimal, you grew as a person and that my friend, is success.  Moreover, if the answer is no, your success will then depend on your actions once you have realized that.

All in all, there is no secret formula that if followed guarantees success.  The grey area comes from discovering what the word means to you.  So write your own definition and live it.

Inspired by the Daily Prompt – Successful

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