Poorly Written

I’m not a hater but, the same way I have to accept that every writer ain’t an author, is the same way I must acknowledge that every author ain’t no writer.  Let’s be honest. There are some errors that spell-check just can’t fix.

© LaRonda Moore


14 thoughts on “Poorly Written

  1. My personal beef is when their story gets published and “or” and “of” keep getting mixed up. As in “a bowl or soup”, followed by “drop the gun of I shoot you”. I mean, you could pay your third grader $10 to proof read that kind of thing. Just saying.

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      1. This once happened to me with a signed copy of a book bought at a convention. Professionally published, by all appearances, but these little errors crept in. Made me weep tears of rage, as the stories were hitting on all other cylinders just fine. Setting, dialogue, plot, backstory. Just this little of/or thing.

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    1. Lol. I agree. Writing a novel is a demanding endeavor. No disrespect to those who have taken on the charge. This poem is in response to convention not content. I hope that shines through. Thanks for the feedback and let’s keep the conversation going.

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