Knock Knock

When Jamie was young, she often dreamed of traveling abroad.  “I will visit all of the continents before I turn forty,” she would boast to her family and friends.  Now, two days away from that monumental milestone, she reflects on what was, and what could have been.  She has regrets.  Jamie has seen two countries, a far cry from seven continents.  She believes in playing it safe.  Travel is expensive and you must save for the future.

As she walks into her kitchen to make some coffee and enjoy a quiet Sunday morning, she is surprised by a knock on the door.  It’s her sister Jessica.

“What are you doing here Sis?”

“Remember what you used to tell me about traveling the world?  Well, how about we start with Asia!”


“Is your passport up to date,” Jessica asks dangling two tickets in her hand.

© LaRonda Moore

[145 wds]
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Inspired by FFfAW Challenge #99
Photo courtesy of Singledust

26 Replies to “Knock Knock”

  1. Lovely! A passport is a good way to start, loved your happy tale and 2 sisters travelling together – precious. Lucy in While you were sleeping had a passport waiting but never went anywhere- don’t pass up the chance!

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    1. Thanks for the feedback and the photo! Travel is important but unfortunately most don’t get to experience it. We’re often waiting for the right time or to say enough money. But sometimes you have to just go. It’s a lot out there to see!

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      1. Yes you just have to go! I can testify to this and you don’t need to wait for anyone either – I have traveled alone all the time and if i had waited for someone to come along I would have wasted so much time – good story LaRonda Moore – simple but the current runs deep. the photo is of the street my grandma lived on years ago, now its a major tourist attraction here in Malaysia.

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      2. Thanks for sharing such a personal photo. I’ve never been to Malaysia but it is on my list of places to go. Thanks again for giving us a glimpse into your world – I found the image fascinating and intriguing.

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