It’s two minutes before the end of the day and Zak is counting down the seconds to freedom, because unlike any other kid in his class, Zak hates school. He struggles to fit in and is often last to be chosen for any team.  In fact, the only person he has managed to develop a relationship with is Mr. Scott, his hipster bus driver, who always takes up for him when the other students are less than friendly.

But the usual woes won’t plague Zak today. Nope. It’s Wednesday, and his grandmother picks him up on Wednesdays.  That means he has nine unsupervised minutes between the ringing of the last bell and grandma’s arrival at the house directly in front of the school.

Today he doesn’t have to form a line and march to the bus.  Instead, he gets to leave out the door with the “walkers”.  Quickly he scurries along the side of the building to the open lot.  There, he hops in a puddle and wonders what stirs in the shallow woods just beyond the fence.

© LaRonda Moore

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Inspired by FFfAW Challenge #100
Photo courtesy of Jessica Haines

24 Replies to “Wednesdays”

    1. You’re right! 9 minutes is a long time, and they can get into all kinds of mischief (lol). I was really trying to capture it from a child’s perspective. Thank you so much for all of your feedback Singledust, I really appreciate it!

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      1. I never knew you were a teacher! I’m literally about to take a CELTA program in two weeks. Also, I totally thought of the “shallow woods” as the bullies, and the fence, his fear or sadness dividing them. The ‘actual’ shallow woods and fence are a ways of diluting the former meaning from his mind for a while. Curiosity of children is always what can help them relax and forget all the BS in their lives. Awesome poem Ronda!

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      2. Congrats on your starting the program. Keep me posted! Wow. Love the metaphor and symbolism that you pulled out of the piece. As you noted, “woods” and “fences” are always good for that. Thanks for lifting that up!

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