He Listens (Chapter 9)

SERIES SUMMARY:  Kayla is on a quest to move beyond the hurt of her past as she realizes the impact that hurt has on her present and potential future. This is a modern tale of love that accounts the complexities of blending the lives of two thirty-somethings and all of their respective baggage.   Read to see if Kayla will finally share her secret, embrace something new, and most importantly exercise her faith.

..Continued – 

“Hey, Kayla, where in the world have you been hiding?  You look good tonight.”

“Brandon, don’t I always look good?”

“Yeah, but tonight you’re making a statement, come on in, you know Dre is here.”

Oh, Kayla knew that Andre was there and until she saw him it would be hard for her to breathe.  Mingling through the thick crowd she hears Dawn’s loud voice, “Kayla, when did you get here?”  Knowing that her cover was blown, she turns and smiles at the room of people who are all now fixated on her.  And, just as Dawn leans in for a hug, he walks out of the kitchen.

“Damn, he looks good,” she thought to herself.  “He looks like he tastes like chocolate,” she says out loud.  “What did you just say,” Dawn asked?  “Oh nothing,” Kayla replied as she watched him approach her.  “My turn,” and before she knows it, he’s holding her.

“How have you been?  You look good girl.  I miss you, what have you been in to?”

“Same old, same old, you know Andre, taking care of business and trying to live my life like it’s golden.”

“Well you look golden, give me another hug.”

She does, and when he holds for longer than a church hug should last, she pulls away.  “It is so good to see you Andre, let make my rounds, I’ll catch up later.”  And as she walks away she can feel him staring.  Operation “get rid of Andre” is in full effect.

Strolling over to the wet bar, Kayla is intersected by a noisy Dawn who wants to know all the details and why they parted so soon.

“Kayla, are you crazy, what did you say to him?”

“I told him that I would catch up with him later”.

“Why did you tell him that?”

“Dawn, somethings I have to work out on my own.  Let me do that please.”

“I hope you know what you are doing.”

Kayla mumbles, “I should have done it a long time ago.”

In that moment Kayla is reminded of the last Dawn house party that Andre flew in town for.  She clung to him the whole night.  Cut her eyes at every women who dared to even glance his way.  But most of all, she remembers requiring no explanation as to why she didn’t hear from him for months after.  Just to be with him was enough then.  She didn’t fool herself though.  She knew he wasn’t hers any more, and she knew it was only for a weekend.  They left that party, went back to her place, and didn’t come up for air until it was time for her to drive him to the airport.  An, “I’ll call you when I get there” and a kiss on the forehead was all she got.  She was messed up for days waiting for a call that never came.  That will not happen tonight.

To be continued…

© LaRonda Moore

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10 Replies to “He Listens (Chapter 9)”

  1. “I hope you ‘know’ what you’re doing” knowledge versus truth. Do any of us ever actually ‘know’ what we’re doing? Hope she and Andre come to some sort of higher understanding on how they respectively feel and can learn to inner-stand each other in a future chapter. 🙂 really enjoy this story

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha – Nope. We can only hope to know what we’re doing and even then, it’s only half the time that we actually do! The story is starting to heat up between the much awaited confrontation of the truth for Kayla and Andre. Stay tuned, I think you will enjoy. I appreciated it so much that you following along!!!

      Liked by 2 people

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