Business Class

Michael gives his wife one last kiss and heads to check-in.  He is about to make his fiftieth company trip, a milestone that comes with a hefty bonus should he land the deal.  His presentation is fine tuned, and he is well groomed.  This month he is going to Dallas, a four hour train ride away.

As he waits in line his mind immediately drifts to thoughts of Amber.  The spicy waitress he met on his first trip there, who kept him company during his downtime. He felt more alive those three days with Amber, then he had that whole year.  They dined and danced the nights away.  And when he returned home, they maintained their contact via Facebook and the occasional text message.

Once checked in, Michael finds a seat in the lobby area, pulls out his phone, and texts Amber, “I should be there by 4, can’t wait to see you.”

His wife replies, “I’m guessing this wasn’t intended for me…”

© LaRonda Moore

[162 wds]
I love comments and welcome feedback!
Inspired by FFfAW Challenge #103
Photo courtesy of Dawn Miller

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