For Every Poet

This is for every poet,

those published, unknown, or don’t know it.

For the spirit within us that is both

tough as nails and delicate as lace,

and the talent that often goes to waste.

For the late nights when all we have are our words, paper, and a pen,

and our journals and notebooks that more like a best friends.

For the hearts that bleed verse,

we have been blessed with this curse.

We are the unsung

for every line that creates it’s own song.

Yes this is a poet’s plight,

but we won’t be reduced to the validation

of a like.

© LaRonda Moore

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28 Replies to “For Every Poet”

  1. “For every line that creates its own song.”.I love that line.sums the pin up preparing to end. I believe poetry and lyrics decide what they want to say. Like they have a will of their own somehow.

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