George and Samantha

“Mom, my science project is due tomorrow.”

“Well then you should have started before today!”

“Fine.”  George mutters as he rolls his eyes and walks away.

Time to start his chores, he suits up and head outside.  As he passes the chicken run, he stops to play with his favorite, Sissy.  She has a lot of personality. Continuing along his path pass the pasture to the pen adjacent to the barn, George sees a familiar face waiting for him.  Samantha understands him better than most people.

Their bond started shortly after her birth when she took ill and it seemed that she wouldn’t make it through the night.  George stayed with her.  He was the only human that she responded to, and once it was established that she was in the clear, he made a plea to his parents.

“If I increase my chores to three days after school, can she stay?  I’ll look after her?  Please, you can sell all the others, but let me keep her.”

© LaRonda Moore

[168 wds]
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Inspired by FFfAW Challenge #104
Photo courtesy of MajesticGoldenRose


18 thoughts on “George and Samantha

    1. I was thinking that it must be a normal part of farm life. And then I thought of how it would free specific to a child…I made Samantha up and am hoping that she gets to stay!!! LOL. Thanks.


  1. Wonderful story! It reminds me of when we had a farm our milk cow had a calf that she wouldn’t mother. So I fed the calf every day and it got to where it would follow me around the barnyard. He was so cute! Unfortunately, we ended up eating him. 😥 Great story!

    Liked by 1 person

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