He Listens (Chapter 13)

SERIES SUMMARY:  Kayla is on a quest to move beyond the hurt of her past as she realizes the impact that hurt has on her present and potential future. This is a modern tale of love that accounts the complexities of blending the lives of two thirty-somethings and all of their respective baggage.   Read to see if Kayla will finally share her secret, embrace something new, and most importantly exercise her faith.

..Continued – 

“I was on my grind Kay, but I never stop thinking about you and I never let another woman in.  I might have been with her but she wasn’t with me, just you Kay.  It’s always been just you.”

“You never told me that.”

“You never asked me to stay Kayla, and you never seemed affected one way or the other.  It didn’t seem to matter if we spoke every hour, every day, or twice a month.”

“It did matter Dre,” her voice begins to crack, “you mattered, you were my everything.  I’m sorry that you can’t forgive me and I’m sorry that I made the wrong decision, just know that it wasn’t an easy one and that it wasn’t done to make you feel the pain that you do right now.”

There is a long silence and he takes her face in his hands.

“I know that Kay, because I know you.”

They both force a smile through held tears and share an embrace that says that it is going to be okay.

After a few moments pass, he kisses her on the forehead and they embrace.  He holds her, wipes her eyes, and fixes her hair.

“I will always love you Kay.”

“And I will always love you.”

“Do you ever wonder how different our lives would be if I wouldn’t have taken the scholarship.”

“All the time Dre.  All the time.”

“Me too, and now I have another part to add to the fantasy.”

He is still holding her and her head is laying against his chest.  They give the moment the full attention it deserves and in harmony they perform their final kiss.  Andre stares at Kayla as if he wants to say more but he reluctantly remains silent. He releases his embrace and walks to the door.  Kayla joins him and they walk out of the room together.

The weight is gone.  Kayla feels lighter.  They return to the party and Kay enters the living room right in line with the Chicago Step.

“Hey, how yall gone start without me,” Kayla gripped?

A voice yells back, “We thought you were finished for the night.”

“Nah, I’m just getting started.”

Two hours later, after a lot of laughing, dancing, and reminiscing, everybody including Andre and Kayla decides to call it a night.  And for the first time, Kayla leaves one of Dawn’s parties the same way she came, alone.

The annoying sound of fake wilderness awakes Kayla and she reaches over to her nightstand and pushes snooze.  Ten minutes later, nature calls again and she decides to quit fighting it.  Sitting straight up in her bed she turns to looks at her clock with disgust, wondering why she ever thought that it would be cute to wake up to birds chirping and waterfalls running.   It’s two Saturdays pass the party and she is still adjusting to the fact that it is truly over between her and Andre.  They haven’t spoken, and she knows that if and when they do, it will be to lightheartedly reminisce not rekindle.  In the weeks since the party, Kayla has been out with Kareem a couple more times and he is starting to grow on her.  He’s such a nice guy.  She needs that in her life, and unexpectedly she’s realizing that she needs him in her life – someone and something different.  Finally, getting out of the bed to start her day, she remembers that she has to drop off some papers at a client’s house and then run by the office.  And in the midst of her getting ready to start her errands, Kareem calls.

“Kayla, have breakfast with me.”

To be continued…

© LaRonda Moore

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5 Replies to “He Listens (Chapter 13)”

    1. You know Amy. This was a turning point in the story. Will try to rekindle what was lost now the secret is out, or will they move on. I saw like this: in a fairytale, they would get back together. So, I did the opposite, but I want my content to reflect real life. Thanks for picking up on that!

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