Haiku 17

Your eyes carry pain, fate doesn't tempt the timid, let's make time stand still. © LaRonda Moore Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge #159.


Worthy Words (Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close)

Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I am not living. Novel:  Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Arthur:  Jonathan Safran Foer *The first time I read this quote it gave me chills, literally - such a profound statement.  Have you ever felt like this?  If so, share your …

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Richard and Mike

Richard told Mike to meet him at 3pm right behind the old barnyard. That had been their meeting spot since they were kids. But when he pulled up, five minutes late, he is surprised to see that Mike hasn’t made it yet. “Where could he be?” Richard asks himself.   Impatiently, he grabs his phone and …

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Monthly Mantra – July 2017

In the spirit of independence, I ask, who or what do you need emancipation from?  Freedom isn't an abstract notion, and it does come at a cost. I release the strongholds of shame, guilt, and fear.  I walk in righteousness, free of condemnation. Keeping in the theme of freedom, check out my poem, My Me (I …

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