Twilight Summer

They are as thick as thieves.

You rarely see one without the other.

And on long summer nights, when twilight seems to takes it’s time, they take advantage of the harmony that a warm breeze brings.

LaRonda Gray Moore

Three Line Tales, Week 142
Photo by Wyatt Ryan via Unsplash

8 Replies to “Twilight Summer”

  1. Your writing is lovely! And I want to shout a “Hurray for High School English teachers!!” I had one (long deceased) who I still consider my hero–a “soul saver”–because he was the first to tell me I had writing talent, real and natural. It was as though he’d put a candle in my hand–light, for the darkness within, and recognition that I was “somebody gifted”…not so invisible after all. God bless you for all the lives I’m certain you touch in the very same way πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you SO MUCH for those words! I am so happy to hear the positive impact that your teacher made on your life. As teachers, we often hear the complaints but seldom receive any praise. I hope you got the chance to tell him the difference he made. Thanks again!


      1. You’re most welcome. Sadly, I doubt I did tell him in so many words that he was my hero–however, many years later when I’d written a rough draft of my first fledgling novel, I phone his home (he’d retired by then)–and asked if he might take a look at it. I didn’t realize till he told me, that he had Parkinson’s disease–nonetheless, he lived near the library where I worked, and walked over to collect the manuscript. When he returned it, I felt like I was in high school again–my eyes well up as I tell you what he said: “By God, you’ve DONE it.” He of course remarked gently that there were some issues with verb tense, minor things–and he confessed it wasn’t a book he’d have picked up to read (a romance)…but LaRonda, he was so proud of me, and I’d never gotten that from the people who matter most, parents/family. I think of him nearly everyday, as I write my little poems or short fiction–and I don’t care if I never publish past blogging. I’m a woman of strong Christian faith–and I know that God knew Mr Page’s words meant more than any Pulitzer. Yes, his name really was E.B. Page. Well, now I must run off, as I have tears streaming down my cheeks πŸ™‚ I’m sure you do hear more complaints than kudos–but remember, there are students of yours “out there” who think you’re an angel for encouraging and supporting them….and they may not be able to tell you, for one reason or another. ❀

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      2. I appreciate that and think your perspective on publishing is spot on. We do it for the love of…if money and notary happens to accompany it, well then, that’s just a bonus. Take care.


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