Haiku 22

Perspective will fade
love is the only constant
the truth hurts and heals

© LaRonda Moore



10 thoughts on “Haiku 22

      • Somewhere Sea

        If I could go under the knife to have the deep wounds excised, I’d do it tomorrow–BUT, I’ve learned that they push me ever closer beneath the wings of the Almighty…and that’s a good thing. I’m glad to be connected to you through your blog 🙂

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      • Somewhere Sea

        I get kind of emotional…with all the divisiveness running riot in our country…so I feel blessed that the blogs are a relatively safe place to connect and be real…and share a heart full of love, despite the cloud of despair. So my comments to you (and everyone) are 100% sincere ❤

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      • LaRonda Moore

        I appreciate and respect that so much. There is a lot of divisiveness running rampant but I tend to believe that there is FAR more that connects us than that which has been engineered to divide us. So glad we’re on the same page!


      • Somewhere Sea

        Yes, that’s the problem, LaRonda–I would believe, with you, that there is more which connects us all…and I’m convinced satan works double-shifts everyday to divide both Believers and others, regardless of color, culture, etc. He’ll be defeated…but there’s gonna be a heck of a fight before he goes down, sadly. Bless you, dear heart ❤

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