10 Replies to “Haiku 22”

      1. If I could go under the knife to have the deep wounds excised, I’d do it tomorrow–BUT, I’ve learned that they push me ever closer beneath the wings of the Almighty…and that’s a good thing. I’m glad to be connected to you through your blog 🙂

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      2. I get kind of emotional…with all the divisiveness running riot in our country…so I feel blessed that the blogs are a relatively safe place to connect and be real…and share a heart full of love, despite the cloud of despair. So my comments to you (and everyone) are 100% sincere ❤

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      3. I appreciate and respect that so much. There is a lot of divisiveness running rampant but I tend to believe that there is FAR more that connects us than that which has been engineered to divide us. So glad we’re on the same page!


      4. Yes, that’s the problem, LaRonda–I would believe, with you, that there is more which connects us all…and I’m convinced satan works double-shifts everyday to divide both Believers and others, regardless of color, culture, etc. He’ll be defeated…but there’s gonna be a heck of a fight before he goes down, sadly. Bless you, dear heart ❤

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