This blog has been a long time coming.  It is the realization of a promise I made to myself to share my expression with the world.  I write to make sense of things, I write because words have power, and I write because it’s freeing.  It enables me to release a tiny bit of the constant story that plays in the background of my mind.  It’s always there…a subtle lyric, character’s profile, plot twist, or just the uncanny ability to see the how life imitates art and vise verse (no pun intended).

I am a wife, writer, educator, and now blogger.  I taught high school English for over a decade until I moved into administration, where I served as a Literacy Coach, Assistant Principal, and Dean of Academics.  I recently completed my Education Specialist in Leadership and currently serve as an Instructional Coordinator for a charter school district serving neighborhood schools on Detroit’s westside.  I also recently tied the knot, and me and my husband live in a cute little ranch right outside of the city with our two furry babies, Blayd the pitbull and Bailey the rabbit…yes, a pitbull and a rabbit – go figure.


Favorite sports and team?

College Football – The University of Michigan Wolverines (Let’s Go Blue!)


I have one sibling, an older brother.

One thing on your bucket list?

Photo shoot at the Giza Plateau

What would you love to do more of but don’t have the time to?

Travel – I want to go everywhere!

Best piece of advice?

Trust the timing of your own life.

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