Jackson knew this time wouldn’t be easy.
After all, this is the longest he has ever stayed.
But as the sun set on a familiar horizon, he packed his bag and put on foot in front of the other.

Inspired by Three Line Tales, Week 140 ~ photo by Ernest Brillo via Unsplash.


He came straight from morning service – couldn’t risk going home to change.  When Melissa arrived he asked, “how long do you think it will take for them to figure it out?”  “Hopefully hours, she quickly replied.”

This day was unusually cool for late August, yet they sat and watched it depart.  This plan was weeks in the making, ever since they realized that the summer doesn’t last forever.

Tomorrow morning Melissa and her family will go home.  So today, Ryan and Melissa will ride their bikes to the edge of the grove where a small path leads to a creek.  There, season’s don’t change.

© LaRonda Moore

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Inspired by  FFfAW Challenge, 4/3/2018.
Photo courtesy of Dorothy.