Love lingers the longer you leave feelings trapped.
Naked vulnerability can shock the senses silly.
You must release that that simmers just beneath an insecure surface.
For the universe doesn’t make promises.
Is it better to have or have never?

© LaRonda Moore


But what about the days

when you can’t

muster up the energy to smile?

What about the times when

no amount of

well wishes will do?

What do you do when

you’re standing on land but it

feels like your drowning?

You do the only thing

you can,


© LaRonda Moore


Because there are no guarantees
and what would be the fun in life if there were

Because I can love you and hate you
then love you again
all in the same moment

Because the
of two becoming one
isn’t pretty
the progress is

© LaRonda Moore

Notice Nature

The day before yesterday

I caught a glimpse of a cardinal starring at me

And once our eyes met

he fly away.

And when he was gone

I was sad.

That next day

I returned to my kitchen window

Eager to see him again

But he wasn’t there

And I felt let down.


Without expectation

I walked outside

And atop my neighbors tree

There was he.

I was scared to move a move

he wasn’t.

He flew towards me.

So close that he teased me

Then he elevated over me

Forcing my chin up

And revealing my path to you.

© LaRonda Moore



We move through the timeline of life


and take the road often travelled


If light can escape the whole

then all is a possibility.

But what is measured

doesn’t add up


© LaRonda Moore

Inspired by The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt:  Finite.

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