I can no longer pretend that it isn’t happening
because yesterday it did.
Can someone please give me a pearl necklace to clutch,
#what the …

Written in response to the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. 

© LaRonda Moore


Shadow me as sound angles back,

weeping willow waltz until I can’t no more.

Kept breath contain beams,

a secret in tiny time,

pulsations of thought explode between rhyme.

Fly fast to remain suspended on edge,

drop below zero and hold too close

play with my fate to get further than most.

Pull deeper to reveal a new mask,

cover in light to complete the task.

© LaRonda Moore


Make my heart rejoice on this rainy day,

Clear the path of my troubles to let way.

Lay my love against your chest to unwind,

Reveal my sun, and the star you will find.

Pursue me as prey turn kitten at touch,

Promise to never want any as much.

Hold my secrets in the palm of your hand,

And you can move me like water moves sands.

Flower my bland to make the perfect mood,

Kiss parts of me more eatable than food.

Undress my daydreams then turn off the lights,

Float relaxation in your words tonight.

Exhale together tangle mine in yours,

Allow your smell to come out of my pores.

© LaRonda Moore


Seven hours pass the new moon

I look…

nothing out the window.

Sight temporarily unbalanced by time

time precariously molested by thought.

Pursuant of a piece of peace.

Relying on the rest in reciprocity.

Sand of an hourglass completes its journey times two

I look…

nothing out the window.

© LaRonda Moore