Lesson Learned: Sticks and Stones

We are told as kids that words can’t hurt, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.   I have grown so much in the last year in regards to love and relationships, but hear me when I say that I still have a ways to go.  Sometimes, it’s not about who wins the argument or even who started it.  But in the heat of the battle, when emotions are high, it’s hard to think about the root cause of a conflict and a solution for it.

In fact, it is easier to scream and say mean things, then to rationally discuss difficult topics. But any relationship worth maintaining is worth the uncomfortable feelings that only transparency can provide.

Bottom line, we should strive to refrain from saying things that we can’t take back, because “sorry” can’t make the unforgivable okay.

Lesson Learned: Never Say Never

When I was younger, I had my mind made up about most things.  My opinions were fixed and I thought that I had constructed what I believed to be an informed, mature, and well-rounded perspective on life.

I was wrong.

As I quickly approach forty and reflect back to my twenty year old self, I realize that despite my control freak desire to live a life in black and white, I live my life in the grey. We all do.  And the funny thing about life is that the more you live, the more you experience, and experience is the greatest teacher.

Now, having said that.  I am not suggesting that you release your convictions or forget about your values.  These are the things that govern our life.

I am simply saying:  understand that what may seem like a “never” at twenty-two, probably won’t at thirty-two.

Lesson Learned: Success

I’ve learned that success looks like different person to person, that’s why it’s hard to truly measure it.  Not everybody wants a mansion, larger than life bank account, or an ambitious career, and that’s okay.  However, in order to level the playing fields of success, growth should be the determining factor.  Ask yourself, “Am I better now, than I was last year this time?”  If the answer is yes, then that means that in some regards, even if it is only minimal, you grew as a person and that my friend, is success.  Moreover, if the answer is no, your success will then depend on your actions once you have realized that.

All in all, there is no secret formula that if followed guarantees success.  The grey area comes from discovering what the word means to you.  So write your own definition and live it.

Inspired by the Daily Prompt – Successful

MLK Day 2017

Having this day off has always given me a moment to say thank you for the many sacrifices that my ancestors made and reflect on the progress of my people.  This year however, I find myself a little less optimistic towards the process.  But don’t fret, I am not about to go on a rant over the election and my disbelief, contempt, and disappointment that accompanies it.  Believe me, everything that I feel has already been said and echoed a hundred times over.

Instead I will focus my attention on the positive.  In my lifetime, I saw a black man sworn in to be The President of these United States, twice.  He served with dignity, compassion, and purpose.  He was the exact opposite of everything that every naysayer ever said he would be.  He made us proud.

Happy Birthday Dr. King and Farewell President Obama

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

~LaRonda Moore~