Twilight Summer

They are as thick as thieves.

You rarely see one without the other.

And on long summer nights, when twilight seems to takes it’s time, they take advantage of the harmony that a warm breeze brings.

LaRonda Gray Moore

Three Line Tales, Week 142
Photo by Wyatt Ryan via Unsplash

Seal the Deal

Jesse steps off the train and onto the platform with an air of confidence that he rarely experiences.

Today is his big day, a day that he has dreamed about for so long.

With the hint of a smile on his face and the swagger of a player in his walk, he stares up at the escalator, acknowledging that it is his last obstacle.

© LaRonda Moore

Inspired by 3 Line Tales, Week 106 (photo by Samuel Wong via Unsplash)


Awkwardly balancing her purse, work tote, lunch, and cellphone, Melissa quickly hurries to the platform with childlike excitement.  Today, is her first day at a new job and she wants to arrive early, to get a feel for the office and setup her desk.  As the train pulls in, she sees him approach from the left, cross in front of her, turn and look at her, then disappear into the crowd.

© LaRonda Moore

Inspired by 3 Line Tales, Week 90.
Photo by Andre Benz via Unsplash.


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