The anticipation of this being her first time is turning her stomach to knots.
She feels a sense of excitement quickly followed by regret as their speed slows to a halt.
Splash goes the water as she flips backwards and enters a new world.

(c) LaRonda Moore

Inspired by 3 Line Tale, Week #72.
Photo by Joel Filipe via Unsplash.

Sky Fall

He can feel the tall grass sweeping lightly across his legs as he settles into his favorite hiding spot.

Laying on his back, he places his hands behind his head to get a comfortable view.

Patiently he awaits the show, because although it occurs daily like clockwork, each time he’s privileged enough to experience it, it takes his breath away.

(c) LaRonda Moore

Inspired by 3 Line Tales, Week 66.  Photo courtesy of Adi Ulici via Unsplash.

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