We Met on Vacation

Zoe hates family vacations; the guided tours, jam-packed itineraries, endless photo ops, cramped sleeping conditions, and unfamiliar food.   This year would prove no different as she begrudgingly stuffs a hoodie in her backpack, and hops out of the cab.

The line to board the ferry is long, so Zoe uses headphones to buy her a little time. Her parents are holding hands and pointing out interesting sights, while her two younger brothers are taking turns kicking one another.

As they wait, Zoe people-watches.   She sees a couple doing a poor job of trying to disguise the argument that they’re having. Then, she sees a creepy middle-aged, bald guy digging in his noise.

And just as she convinces herself that this too is yet another “family vacation adventure” (as her mother refers to them) that she could have done without, she scans to the left of the crowd and sees him. She looks away quickly, and smiles.

© LaRonda Moore

[156 wds]
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Inspired by FFfAW Challenge #97
Photo courtesy of Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode

10 Replies to “We Met on Vacation”

  1. Is that smile enigmatic in a funny kind of way. A tummy swoop, an aerial loop? I can’t wait to hear what you have to say 😉 Thanks, I enjoyed this little teaser. Peter

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    1. Zoe’s smile is enthusiasm. She feels hope but more importantly purpose for this vacation now. What could give a family vacation more purpose then a crush? Awe. The wonders of teenage love. Thanks for your comment and thoughts!

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