Haiku 22

Perspective will fade
love is the only constant
the truth hurts and heals

© LaRonda Moore


Paper Lanterns

Dazzle me with your display.

Lift my spirit from this slumber;
it is surrounded in sorrow seeking solace.

Use the wearing of my ways to wake me.

Your light gives life.

LaRonda Gray Moore


Love lingers the longer you leave feelings trapped.
Naked vulnerability can shock the senses silly.
You must release that that simmers just beneath an insecure surface.
For the universe doesn’t make promises.
Is it better to have or have never?

© LaRonda Moore

Haiku Collection: Love Locked

Haiku 01

The winter’s breeze floats
memories of yesterday
yearning for your love.


Haiku 06

Love is consuming
I give you me selfishly
Nothing else matters.


Haiku 09

Find refuge in me
our love is forever
never let it go.


Haiku 11

You are beautiful
love can sometimes be toxic
please reverse the curse.


Haiku 13

You saved me once more
true love is miraculous
I am safe with you.

© LaRonda Moore