Open Road

Summer road trips had become my usual by age ten.  We would pack up two weeks worth of everything and head for the hills.  Dad in his glory behind the wheel, mom with her right foot propped up on the dashboard and me and my brother strategically placed between the luggage and snacks.

And though the distance was far I didn’t mind, because there is something magical about the open road, especially at night.  I would stare out the window at the stars and pretend to know them.  And even when we were the only car in sight, it didn’t feel like it.  During the day, I would stare at the countless miles of grass and crops, waiting to catch a glimpse of something offbeat to spark my curiosity.

Whether it was a fire damaged barn standing in disarray, an old beat up truck proudly adorning the American flag, or that lone horse waving his tail, grazing in a field of emptiness – they were all untold stories waiting to be written.

© LaRonda Moore

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Inspired by FFfAW Challenge #101
Photo courtesy of Mike Vore

24 Replies to “Open Road”

  1. An interesting story, I read an abandoned world into their travels – with eyes that see and an open mind there are so many stories to be found on the open road.

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  2. If this was an opening to a book that I came across in a store, I’d think ‘Shut up and take my money.’ I love this so much, from the voice to how much I feel present with the characters. Wow, oh wow. Thank you for posting this. EXCELLENT JOB

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      1. Ooh, that’s exciting news (for me, too, since I’ll get a chance to buy your work some day). But I know what you mean about that being as thrilling as it is nerve-racking. Still, I’m rooting for you ^_^

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  3. When I drove back 2x/month between Las Vegas and LA, my favorite part was always the road, and I always tried to drive in the middle of the night. It was so peaceful just blasting trance for 3.5 hours with nothing but the stars for company. I totally feel you on this one! The open road is where its at!

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  4. Lovely story! It made me remember all the road trips we took as a family and how I would look out the window and try to find cattle and horses. I felt like I was right there riding in the car in your story. Great story!

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