Monthly Mantra – July 2017

pink-lotus-with-blue-sky-bonita-hensleyIn the spirit of independence, I ask, who or what do you need emancipation from?  Freedom isn’t an abstract notion, and it does come at a cost.

I release the strongholds of shame, guilt, and fear.  I walk in righteousness,
free of condemnation.

Keeping in the theme of freedom, check out my poem, My Me (I think you’ll enjoy it – let me know).  Below is a quick excerpt.


…So at two seconds from insanity,
when I am suspended in a silhouette of shadow,
I will visualize invisible shackles,
and hear freedom ring as the caged bird sings…

~LaRonda Moore~

2 Replies to “Monthly Mantra – July 2017”

  1. I read your poem My Me and I had a small problem with it. I was going to point out a favorite line, but there were too many of them! 😆 I will say that I love the way the first line feels when it’s read out loud.

    All in all, such a beautiful piece. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Amy. That is actually one of my most intimate pieces, I wasn’t sure that I was going to post it. It took me a long time to just sit with it without revising or editing it anymore than it had already been. I was looking for a feel (so I am glad that you felt it). I needed something that embodied what I was trying to say. The title sums it up. I am overwhelmed that it touched you! Thanks so much for your constant feedback and support – it means the world.

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